Romex sport

ROMEX supports young athletes. The interest of the company's owners indicated motor sports - Karting and Enduro. Currently, there are two drivers under the wings of Romex - Filip Wójcik and Łukasz Iwaniak.


Filip Wójcik - KARTING

Filip is 18 years old and comes from a family which has been accompanied by Karting for a long time. 
His dad Grzegorz and uncle Marcin have been very successful in this field. Currently, they support Filip in technical and substantial matters. The young driver is supported by his mum Agnieszka, who is present at each event.

Filip’s biggest successes include:

  • Champion of “European RokCup” Grand Finals 2011
  • Polish Champion “EasyKart” 60 2011
  • Second Polish Vice Champion “RokCup” 2011
  • First Polish Vice Champion “RokCup” 2012
  • Second Polish Vice Champion of Youngsters 2012
  • 10th place in World Championships "RokCup" 2013
  • 9th place in the World Championships "RokCup" 2014
  • 2nd place in Trofreo d'Autunno (Italy) 2014
  • First Polish Vice Champion “RokCup” 2015
  • First ROK CUP Poland 2018
„Filip, the champion of Easykart 2011, is undoubtedly one of the greatest talents of the younger generation”
~ VROOM International Karting Magazine

„Huge thanks to ROMEX for their support, I hope we will succeed together,” says Filip.

Filip Wójcik


Łukasz Iwaniak - ENDURO

The second driver is Łukasz Iwaniak, who participates in motorcycle rallies. ENDURO is one of the disciplines of motorcycle sports. It is characterised by rallies on off-road routes selected in terms of checking the endurance of competitors and equipment. The competition consists in overcoming the murderous access roads to the special section within a specified time interval and obtaining the best test time. This cycle is repeated several times during the rally.

The route is about 350 - 400 km long and the competition lasts two days. “A struggle with equipment, condition and one’s own weaknesses motivated me to start in the Polish Cup,” says Łukasz

„My adventure with motorcycles began in 2010,” he says, “when I bought and tried to harness the Yamaha 250F. Because there were no conditions for motorcross practice, I decided to go off-road, that’s when I got a taste of Enduro.”

„Thank you very much to ROMEX for their support and help in realising my dreams.”

Łukasz Iwaniak