About us

Company ROMEX has been operating since 1986. Stanisław Wójcik - the company founder - commenced operations with manufacturing fasteners for the bicycle industry, which worked vibrantly in those times on the domestic market.  With the start of the 1990s, the company began manufacturing products for the furniture industry, and in 1997 fasteners for the automotive, construction and household appliances industries.

The company's basic field of activity is the production of fasteners manufactured by cold plastic working, such as: screws, tap screws, pins, pressed sheet metal, profiles, machining, welding (steel structures) and general processing applied in the metal industry. 

We have a large machine park, which is constantly upgraded and modernised through the implementation of new production technologies. In 2013, the company moved production facilities to a new location in Nieczatów. The modern hall, rich machine park and qualified team of employees effectively increase production and logistic potential.

In 2017, the company merged with the Swedish company NORDBOLT AB, a manufacturer of fasteners, which was another investment in the development of the company. This resulted in the increase of amount and innovation of our machine park. In addition, we acquired new markets for the sales of products to Scandinavian countries and other countries in Europe under the NORDBOLT brand name.

The company ROMEX is continually improving its potential by building its image as a reliable partner for cooperation. 

Our clients are satisfied due to: 

reliability and timeliness 
availability and openness to cooperation 
short order completion time 
products of the highest quality 

We encourage you to contact us concerning possible collaboration